About us

Dyakita is a cooperative of artists, from various fields, who work together in teams in order to tell visually stimulating stories, each of which have their own quirkiness. Whether it be about cucumber, aliens studying humans, people travelling through parallel dimensions, etc, there is always a story for someone.

About the Creators

Lokita Naky (Co-creator)

Name: Lokita Naky
Age: 20∞
Location: Canada!
Occupation: I do illustrations, and artsy stuff... I try to broaden my skills as much as possible in all the artistic fields. (I’m a polymath)
Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Favorite Movie: The road to El Dorado
Favorite TV series: Doctor Who
Favorite Art Style: Cartoons
Favorite Quote(s): "Important"? what’s that mean, "important"? In 900 years of time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.
Known languages: French, English, Spanish

Lady Dyal (Co-creator)
レーディ ディヤル

Name: Dyal (ディヤル)
Age: 22
Location: Canada
Occupation: Artist
Favorite Food: I hate food.
Favorite Artist: Avril Lavigne (Music), Jonathan Williamson (3D modelist), Sakimi chan (Digital Artist), Bansky (Street Artist)
Favorite Anime: (Inuyasha (Nostalgia), Naruto (Nostalgia)... Assassination Classroom
Favorite Manga: Radiant, last order gunnm, Blame...
Fun Fact; Dysphasia sucks...
Known languages: French, English...